Tuesday, July 19, 2005

A Few Tips

I wanted to share a few short tips that have helped me with my old boats. I hope that others will add tips,or if you're shy, then please e-mail them to me at qmrp@valornet.com.

1. After your first wax coat, use baby oil to continue that great new looking shine. It's true, plain old baby oil (the cheap stuff) can do wonders to improve and bring out the shine of your boat.
2. Use Petroleum Jelly on the inside of your boat snaps. This allows even old snaps to go and off easily and may save you the time of replacing them sooner than you would like. Just a little bit on the end of your finger and inside the snap does the trick.
3. On older motors always unplug the gas line at the end of the day and wait a few extra minutes on the trailer (with the motor still running in the water). When the motor stops, then haul your boat out. This allows the older carbs and reserves to burn out and keeps your carb from getting stuck or sticking as easily later.
4. Always use a new or newer gas can. Do not depend on older rusted cans unless you use a filter to ensure no rust by-products sneak into your motor. I prefer to use a new plastic can to run the boat with a new bubble and hose. This will help reduce leaks as well.
5. Remember, even when you're done, your old boat is still a project. Just like the one above where I will soon be painting the trailer and doing some hull touch up!

Thanks for reading again.

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