Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Season is Coming!

It's getting closer to the time you will be hauling out your old boat and heading toward the lake. However, there are a few things you will want to do.
1. Service the lower unit. You can do this, or you can pay a boat mechanic to do it, but just do it. It makes sense to take care of this boat... it's old.
2. Check all lines. Check those lines for cracks and if you need to replace them, do it now so you're not sitting in the middle of the lake wondering why you didin't do it back then (which is now).
3. Replace the fuel if you didn't use something to stabalize the fuel.
4. Service the uper unit as needed (see number one)
5. For Pete's Sake, clean the boat. You know it has sat there all winter and gathered dust. Let's show some pride!
6. Check tires on the trailer.
7. Check all wiring, both trailer and boat.
8. Is your insurance up-to-date? Better be
9. Check all tags, insurance, and boat numbers to ensure everything is up to your state and federal standards
10. Check the life vest.
11. Check floatation devices
12. Check fire extinguishers (look at the little gauge)
13. Check steering cables
14. Finally, check the weather! Don't go out until you know the snow, rain and spring storms have gone away and then enjoy your day or days on the lake!

Good luck old boat fans. If you have a wooden boat, you'll also want to check the wood for any signs of problems from the winter. If you have something to add to this, please let us know!

Thanks for reading, you mean a great deal to Old Boats everywhere!!!

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